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What to look for in hardwood floors

Wood floor fans can opt for domestic favorites like maple and oak or exotic species such as Kempas, ipe, and tiger wood. Exotic wood is usually more costly, but with the extra expense comes a stunning element in room decor.

Often, grains are wide and pronounced while colors are vibrant and unusual. Belmont Carpets is a hardwood flooring retailer in Anaheim, California, that offers many brands of all types of wood floor coverings.

Unfinished solid wood

When unfinished solid hardwood is the flooring of choice, the raw wood is delivered to the home and then finished on-site. Boards come in a wide range of lengths, widths, and textures.

The finished floor has very tight seams between boards as well as a flush look. This well-sealed flooring is ideal for kitchens. Also, unfinished boards are the best choice for large renovations and new construction.

Finished wood flooring

Prefinished solid wood has received finishing treatments in the factory so no further treatments are necessary when it is in the home. The most powerful sealers are used so finish warranties for prefinished wood tend to be longer than those for the unfinished wood. Another type of wood is also available in ready-to-install boards. Engineered wood is composed of a wood composite base that has a layer of hardwood on top.


Generally, both types of solid wood flooring are installed by nailing boards to a wood subfloor. In contrast, engineered wood boards usually click and lock together to form a floor that floats above the subfloor. This type of flooring can be installed over concrete and some existing floors, and it can be installed in a basement. While the two types of finished products can be installed in one day, unfinished wood takes one week to install. Acclimation takes a second week.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Tustin, CA from Belmont Carpets

Janka hardness scale

Hardwoods vary substantially in their hardness from species to species. The hardest wood species are the most durable so it's best to consider this factor when choosing wood flooring. It is easy to learn which species are preferable. The Janka hardness scale details wood hardness ratings. An impact test is used to determine each rating. While strand-woven bamboo and eucalyptus rate at the top of the scale, they are types of grass.

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